“Personal Home Care, Private Duty Home Care, Senior Care, Companion Care In 2019”

  Home Care, Senior Care Pikesville MD              

We Are Currently Accepting

Employment Applications For:

  •     Home Care Sales Manager
  •     Registered Nurse
  •   Certified Nursing Assistant
  •   Certified Geriatric Nursing Assistant
  •   Certified Medical Assistant
  •    Certified Medical Technician
  •     Home Health Aides
  •     Companion
  •     Transportation and Escort Specialists

Our Employment Procedure:

We have a security policy in place to protect personal, health and financial information on clients and employees:

We pay employees directly and issue  a W2  at the end of the year.  We do not hire Independent contractors.

Criminal background checks, and Drug Screenings, are conducted on all employees before hiring.

We maintain a Liability Insurance

Our employees are bonded (theft insurance)

All employee’s certifications and licensures are validated  before hire and reviewed as needed.

Our agency have a procedure to investigate complaints of abuse, neglect, theft and respond to allegations:  the policy is accessible to the client, and  caregivers are educated about the policy.

We have a 24 hour emergency contact available to both client and caregivers.

For every client, a Plan of Care is developed during a home visit by the RN( Registered Nurse) – copies of the Plan of Care  are given, to both the client and caregivers.

The RN updates the plan of care to reflect changes in client’s needs as soon as possible.

The RNs make periodic supervisory visits (every 30 days), to the client’s home.

All caregivers MUST have CPR AND FIRST AID.

We have two  types of job applications:    Electronic   and   Manual.

If you would like to apply for one of the listed jobs, go back to the home page and point  (DON’T CLICK BUT POINT YOUR MOUSE) to the employment tab and chose one of the applications, click on it, and it will open, complete it and hit submit:  Some one will call you for an interview.

If You Would Rather fill a manual employment application, click here:  Jamhuri Manual Job Application  be sure to print, fill the entire application, sign and mail it back to our office at,


Att: HR Department.

P.O.Box 32381


Call us today at 1-800-547-2851–  We are located in Pikesville Maryland 21208