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“Do You Know What’s In Your Deli Meat?”

What’s In Your Deli Meat? Deli meat is a product that is quick and easy to grab for meals, snacks or party trays. It is a naturally low-fat product that many consider a great addition to a “healthy” lifestyle. Unfortunately, typical deli meat contains some ingredients that can be damaging to one’s health, especially if consumed on a regular basis. Deli meats have been linked to a variety of cancers, especially those affecting the digestive tract, in several studies. This alone should cause one to question the consumption of deli meats, but why have they been linked to cancers? [...]

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Long before symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease become apparent to patients

Long before symptoms of Alzheimer's disease become apparent to patients and their families, biological changes are occurring within the brain. Amyloid plaques, which are clusters of protein fragments, along with tangles of protein known as tau, form in the brain and grow in number, eventually getting in the way of the brain's ability to function. These biological changes can be detected early in the course of Alzheimer's disease through positron emission tomography (PET) scan or cerebrospinal fluid analysis. Now, a new study led by Keck Medicine of USC neuropsychologist Duke Han, PhD, associate professor of family medicine (clinical scholar) at the [...]

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strawberries and other fruits and vegetables could help to prevent Alzheimer’s

A compound found in strawberries could help to prevent Alzheimer's. A natural compound found in strawberries and other fruits and vegetables could help to prevent Alzheimer's disease and other age-related neurodegenerative diseases, new research suggests. Researchers from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, CA, and colleagues found that treating mouse models of aging with fisetin led to a reduction in cognitive decline and brain inflammation. Senior study author Pamela Maher, of the Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory at Salk, and colleagues recently reported their findings in The Journals of Gerontology Series A. ADVERTISEMENT Treating Crohn's Disease - FDA Approved Treatment [...]

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“Dementia Is Not A Single Disease In Itself”

Dementia is not a single disease in itself, but a general term to describe symptoms such as impairments to memory, communication and thinking.While the likelihood of having dementia increases with age, it is not a normal part of aging. Before we had today’s understanding of specific disorders, “going senile” used to be a common phrase for dementia (“senility”), which misunderstood it as a standard part of getting old. 1,2 Light cognitive impairments, by contrast, such as poorer short-term memory, can happen as a normal part of aging (we slowly start to lose brain cells as we age beyond our 20s3). This [...]

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Alzheimer’s Disease: Are We Close To Finding A Cure?

Alzheimer’s Disease Hardly a day goes by without coming across a study about Alzheimer’s disease. There is no doubt that scientists across the world are working hard to find ways to prevent, treat and cure this debilitating condition, which affects almost 36 million people globally. But are they making any progress? We investigate. In the US, around 5 million people aged 65 and over are living with Alzheimer’s, the majority of whom are women. This number is expected to almost triple to 16 million by 2050. First described in 1906 by Dr. Alois Alzheimer, Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form [...]

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‘Personal Home Care’ Pikesville MD 2017

Personal Home Care allows a person with special needs to remain in their home, and may encompass a variety of roles such as personal care (i.e., bathing, washing your hair, getting dressed), homemaking (i.e., cleaning and yardwork), cooking or delivering meals, and health care such as having a home health aide come to your home.   While it entails a variety of situations such as people getting older, people who are chronically ill, recovering from surgery or disabled, there are many myths about home care to become aware of as you consider the possibility. Some people may think that home care [...]

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“Fight Aging With These 6 Foods In 2018”

companion care pikesville Md   You can fight aging because the fountain of youth may already be in your fridge? A healthy diet can do more than simply keep your weight in check — the right foods can actually save your skin, protect your ticker, improve your memory, and more. “There’s no doubt that eating healthy can have a tremendous impact on how we age,” says Dr. Timothy S. Harlan, M.D., better known as the nutritional expert. Even better, you won’t need to choke down a single bland morsel to reap the rewards. Just add these six anti-aging foods to [...]

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“Tips To Keep You Looking Young In 2017”

senior personal care Pikesville MD JHS- With proper skin care, the right exercise, and a good amount of relaxation, you can keep flaunting it. Here are tips to help keep you looking years younger.The way to your youth is through your stomach? Eat your veggies “Getting at least nine servings of vegetables and/or fruits daily fuels your body with antioxidants, which keeps your cells younger, which hopefully translates to keeping you from aging quickly,” says Registered Dietitian Jill Nussinow. It may not have worked for Dracula, but who cares? “Eat garlic as often as you can — both raw [...]

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“Home Care Or Home Health Care,Which One Does Medicare Cover”

home health care Pikesville MD     Medicare Does Not Cover Everything:Many, Americans benefit from care provided by home health agencies. Baby boomers and the loved ones they care for often need to make critical decisions about home health care with limited understanding of the care and what services Medicare covers. Home health care is provided when there is a medical need for skilled nursing care and other services, like physical and occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, and medical social services. Home health care is provided by a variety of skilled health care professionals at home and most home health [...]

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“Ensuring That A Senior Is In A Safe Environment”

  seniorcare,Elder care Piesville MD   JHS-Seniors have unique needs and require customized options. If a senior or seniors can no longer live independently, this decision about their care is often made during a time of crisis. This frequently occurs when the senior is ready to leave the hospital after a serious illness or operation, or when the health condition of a senior living at home deteriorates. This obviously is a decision that has long-term ramifications for the senior and family, so an informed decision is critical. The key objective is to ensure that a senior is in a safe environment [...]

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