“Mercury Dental Fillings Destroy Your Health”

Mercury Dental Fillings, What Are They? When you or your loved ones get a cavity, the dentist fills it with amalgam or composite resin. You have the choice between a silver filling, amalgam, or the white composite resin made from plastic and glass. While many have chosen to go with the tooth-colored composite resin, amalgam … Read more “Mercury Dental Fillings Destroy Your Health”

“Local Home Care Agency “

Local Home Care Agency  In Pikesville MD 21208: Home Care Services: 2018 Home Care Services include the following: Bathing and Shower Assistance Dressing Assistance Incontinent and Bathroom Assistance Hygiene Assistance Medication Reminders Transferring and Positioning with wheelchairs. Respite Care Ambulation (Walking) Assistance Meal Preparation Light Housekeeping Laundry Pet Friendly Transportation, errands, groceries and doctors appointments … Read more “Local Home Care Agency “

‘Personal Home Care’ Pikesville MD 2017

Caregivers Pikesville MD

Personal Home Care allows a person with special needs to remain in their home, and may encompass a variety of roles such as personal care (i.e., bathing, washing your hair, getting dressed), homemaking (i.e., cleaning and yardwork), cooking or delivering meals, and health care such as having a home health aide come to your home. … Read more ‘Personal Home Care’ Pikesville MD 2017

“Fight Aging With These 6 Foods In 2019”

  You can fight aging because the fountain of youth may already be in your fridge? A healthy diet can do more than simply keep your weight in check — the right foods can actually save your skin, protect your ticker, improve your memory, and more. “There’s no doubt that eating healthy can have a tremendous … Read more “Fight Aging With These 6 Foods In 2019”

“Tips To Keep You Looking Young In 2019”

JHS- With proper skin care, the right exercise, and a good amount of relaxation, you can keep flaunting it. Here are tips to help keep you looking years younger.The way to your youth is through your stomach? Eat your veggies “Getting at least nine servings of vegetables and/or fruits daily fuels your body with antioxidants, … Read more “Tips To Keep You Looking Young In 2019”

“Home Care Or Home Health Care,Which One Does Medicare Cover”

    Medicare Does Not Cover Everything:Many, Americans benefit from care provided by home health agencies. Baby boomers and the loved ones they care for often need to make critical decisions about home health care with limited understanding of the care and what services Medicare covers. Home health care is provided when there is a … Read more “Home Care Or Home Health Care,Which One Does Medicare Cover”

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