Right Housing Choice for Your Senior Loved One

Where will your loved one live during the golden years? The housing options available to seniors are more plentiful today than many years ago, so the decision can be overwhelming. It is important to contemplate the options early, as proper planning is vital to ensure health and happiness. Here are a few tips from Jamhuri Healthcare Services:

Crucial Considerations

One of the heavy hitters in your choices will be finances.  If you plan to help your loved one move to a smaller, more accessible home, or if you plan to move them into a facility, selling the existing home will be a big part of how things play out. There are a few things you should keep in mind if this is the route you take:

1.) How much money will your loved one earn by selling their home?

It is important to research what a similar home in the area is typically sold for when making plans to move. The amount of money your senior will receive can change their moving plans, so get an estimate to help you move forward.

2.) If downsizing, how much does a smaller home sell for in their area?

Research the housing market in the area. Make sure you have a good idea of how much a smaller, more accessible home will cost before you make the choice to downsize. As an example, homes in Pikesville sold last month for an average cost of $325K.

3.) How much is the down payment?

If your loved one is fortunate enough to own a home outright or has ample savings, it’s possible to purchase the next house outright. If not, get familiar with the amount that will be needed for a down payment, as well as what the mortgage payment will be.

Housing Options

To help clear the confusion and narrow down housing options, below is some information about choices available to your loved one and how to know which option is the best fit for their needs.

1.) Aging in Place

Aging in place means that your loved one stays in the home they’re in, making it a top choice for seniors. This is a great option if your loved one is mostly independent, needing only minor assistance with daily tasks.

When choosing this option, it is important to know what your loved one’s future needs are. If necessary, Caregiver Homes points out that you can have your senior’s home assessed, which can help you determine if there are any modifications for accessibility that need to be made.

2.) Independent Living Facility

Independent living is for mostly independent adults who may need help with certain daily tasks. If your loved one does not need help with medication, getting around their house, or preparing their own meals, this is a great option. Additionally, there are community activities available, which can help to prevent loneliness.

3.) Assisted Living Facility

As DailyCaring points out, adult children sometimes feel guilt or a sense of obligation when considering assisted living, but it’s a wonderful opportunity for their aging loved ones to socialize in a safe environment. Seniors at assisted living facilities are given an accessible, private apartment. Additionally, they receive assistance with medication management and daily living tasks like laundry and cleaning. Staying in assisted living has the added benefit of being able to enjoy recreational activities with their peer group, ensuring they are social throughout their later years. But costs can add up; the average cost of assisted living in Ohio is $3,890 per month.

4.) Skilled Nursing Facility

Skilled nursing facilities, also referred to as nursing homes, provide around-the-clock medical care for seniors that require constant monitoring. Though often an expensive option, if your senior has complex medical needs, these facilities are specially equipped to handle a variety of conditions.

As you research the best place for the senior in your life to live, understanding the basic options is key to finding what will fit your loved one’s needs and provide them with a safe, comfortable life. By becoming familiar with what’s available, knowing your budget, and doing some research, you’ll find the right housing choice for your senior loved one.

Author: Andrea Needham

Image courtesy of Unsplash