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Our Services Are Totally Focused On Your Needs  15+ Years Of Experience. Personalized Service.

The need for health care in the home is expected to rise with America’s aging population.


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Our Services

Our services offer a targeted, strategic response to complex needs of seniors who want to remain otherwise self-reliant and independent, most often in the house and neighborhood they are familiar with. Home care Services help seniors with a variety of activities of daily living, allowing them to age at home, or in some cases in a retirement residence. Aging in your own home is the first choice of many seniors, and there are a number of ways seniors can avail themselves of home care providers, either through the government or through private service providers.

Home care includes a wide range of services that support your needs in the areas of health, nutrition, transportation, companionship and care of your home and property. Home health care services allow people of all ages to continue to age in place, remaining connected to their community and defer the need for a move to more dedicated care. At Jamhuri Healthcare Services, we attempt to provide a clear, full overview of home care in Pikesville MD, and advice for seniors and families on how to find the best services.

Home care is expected to be a growing industry as the baby boom generation continues to age. In 2015, there were 5.4 million Americans 65 and older, with an additional 6.5 million between the ages of 50-65. By the year 2025, over 20% of the population will be 65 and older, according to estimates. This generation will want to age in place and will require home care services. With advances in technology and changes in culture will come many changes and improvements in home health care products, services and societal infrastructure that facilitate aging in place?

People generally seek out home health care on the advice of others, often a social worker or a family member. When you hire a home care worker you have the assurance of having someone come into your home on a regular basis to take care of whatever you require. Finding the right home care for yourself or your family member can be a painstaking process, though. When you find good care, however, it offers tremendous relief and peace-of mind to families and seniors.

Family members may have taken on caregiving, but for many there comes a time when the workload becomes too great. When the time comes to turn to professional home care, this can mitigate a variety of potential problems and (unfortunately) even threats. Turning to professional care services allows family members to restore or free up time to spend in a proper family relationship with elderly loved ones.

That is why you need to talk to Jamhuri Healthcare Services, in Pikesville Maryland.

We will provide you with the assistance you need at your location so you can stay. independent, comfortable, and fully in control of your life. We have a very dedicated team. Call Us today:800-547-2851                                                Visit Us on The Web:  www.jamhuricares.com

We  are also a medicaid.gov Provider.

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