“How To Find Personal Care Services In 2018”

Personal Care Services In 2018  Types Of Care Available; In general, there are two types of care that are provided where an individual calls home: Home health care services and in-home care services. If your family member requires regular assistance with health care needs, home health organizations and skilled nursing agencies may be the best … Read more

“Your Dish Sponge Is Dirtier Than Your Toilet”

Your Dish Sponge: Even sanitizing it doesn’t    kill all the bacteria.   While most of the bacteria found in sponges are not harmful, there are some pathogens that could cause infections in humans. Dangerous bacteria can linger in a dish sponge even after attempts to sterilize it, according to a new German study published in the … Read more

“This IS How We Make Life Easier For Seniors And Disabled Adults.”

Home Care Providers In Pikesville MD. Daily & Overnight Senior Home  Care • Live in & Live out Caregivers for Seniors or Persons with Illness • Disability or Special Needs • RN’s & LPN’s • Live in or Live out Housekeeper Companions • Personal Care • Meal Preparation • Escort to Appointments • Cleaning Service. Full … Read more

Moldy Food Is Dangerous

It has certainly already happened to many of us to open our food pantry and find some food covered in mold. But not all of us will have reacted the same way. Some will have thrown the food away and some will only have removed the moldy part and eaten the rest. It’s not always … Read more

Is Your Organic Milk Really Organic?(USDA)

Organic foods have recently become a major part of supermarket shelves.You can find almost any food, whether produce or processed, in an “organic” version.So what does “organic” mean? According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), “USDA certified organic foods are grown and processed according to federal guidelines addressing, among many factors, soil quality, animal … Read more

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