Transportation Services for Older Adults

Jamhuri Healthcare Services turns on-demand transportation, like Lyft or Uber, into services that can be accessed and monitored without a smartphone. If you or your loved one is no longer able to drive, there are personal transportation options.
Call us today to arrange a ride: 800-547-2851. Or, just walk into our office and talk to us about your transportation needs.
We are located at 8730 Church Lane, Randallstown MD 21133
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Jamhuri Healthcare Services Inc.


Address: 8730 Church Lane, Randallstown, MD 21133

Phone: 18005472851

Fax: 410-484-1420.

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 Rate Sheet:

Jamhuri Non-emergency Medical Transportation Services will provide transportation services to elderly and disabled clients in Baltimore metropolitan area namely Baltimore county, Harford county, Carrol county, and Howard County.

Charges based on mileage:

  1. Our Base rate from Baltimore city will be $30.00 per pick up per client per hour. Client can be accompanied by one escort at no extra charge.
  2. Though we will be providing ride share, our driver can only be assigned 3 pick ups per trip.
  3. For Services ordered by facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes, a invoice will be prepared.

Charges based on Time:

For pre-scheduled trips, the wait time will be 20 minutes and after that the passengers will be charged $1.00 for every minute wait time.

Our Commitment to You!
We do recognize the diversity of Baltimore County residents. Our volunteers are willing to help with, carrying groceries, run errands, give rides, or accompany entertainment trips.
Tell us a bit about yourself, and we will tell you how you can get immediate assistance!

Who Will Be Riding with the senior?Senior Transportation

Senior Transportation

  • Request a ride on behalf of someone else
  • Rider does not need a smartphone.
Pre-schedule rides
  • Web-based accessibility
Upfront prices for all rides* *$5 scheduling fee charged by Jamhuri
What Do I Need to Schedule a Ride?
  • Passenger’s name
  • Phone number (mobile if available)
  • Pick-up location (both ways)
  • Drop-off location (both ways)
  • Credit card information
If you or your loved one is no longer able to drive, there are personal transportation options.
Did you know that one-half of Americans 65 and older do not have access to public transportation? And that more than half of all non-drivers 65 and older stay at home in a given day because they don’t have transportation options. Those in rural areas and small towns are particularly affected because the transportation options are limited.
But it’s important for seniors to remain mobile to keep their social independence with friends and family to reduce the feelings of isolation and loneliness.
We are ready to dispatch on-demand or schedule rides for individuals. You get full visibility into the ride details and a seamless ride-request experience.
Nearly everyone relies on transportation to perform everyday activities. These needs don’t change with age, but access to senior transportation is often limited by both availability and cost.
Senior transportation prices vary depending on the company and how they charge for their services. Companies may charge by the hour, per ride, or even through monthly subscription charges. Transportation prices can range from upwards of $50 per hour to as little as less than $10 per ride.
Depending on which transportation service program you use, senior transportation can be exorbitant or surprisingly affordable. Some programs offer flat rates while others calculate prices on factors such as distance. Luckily, there are many different transportation options that are available to older adults. This makes it easier to find an affordable service that fits your budget.
Budgeting For The Cost of Senior Transportation
There’s no set price range when it comes to senior transportation. This can be frustrating when searching for a senior transportation company that fits in your budget. But ultimately, this is a benefit, since it means that there are plenty of options for you even if some are outside your financial comfort zone.
The price of senior transportation can change depending on several factors, including:
  • The type of transportation company (who you pay)
  • Transportation and additional services offered (what you pay for)
  • Service charges and pricing models (how you pay)
As a rule, publicly-run services usually cost less than those that are owned by private companies. Companies that offer more comprehensive and targeted senior assistance usually cost more. Services that are more generalized or open to a wider range of audiences cost less. Similarly, companies that charge per hour may cost more than companies that charge strictly per ride.
There are a few different ways that companies charge seniors for their transportation services.
More common pricing models include:
        Per Ride
  • Many services charge per ride. Some companies will increase the price proportionally to the distance you travel. Plenty of others offer flat rates just for riding. Additional fees based on tolls, extra stops, etc. may or may not be included.
       Per Hour
  • Hourly charges are present in almost every industry, and senior transportation is no exception. Many transportation companies charge by the hour, which can be more practical if they offer additional services.
  • Though not as common, some transportation companies offer membership packages and charge monthly or annual fees. Depending on how often you may use transportation and how far you travel, this can be much more economical.
Ride Plans/ Passes
  • This is similar to membership pricing options, except users pay for a pre-determined number of rides or services instead of a pre-determined period of time. Usually, different plans or pass options are available for users’ transportation needs.
Jamhuri Healthcare Services have information about their pricing available on their website:
Customers may also call the listed contact information to call and inquire about how much our services would cost. Though it can take time, riders will be able to easily compare prices and find the transportation option that works best for them.