Black Lives Matter!!!!!!


Black Lives Matter!!!!!!


Black Lives Matter is not an offensive statement; it is a fact of life and the whole world should embrace it. Blacks are 100 % human beings just like all other races but because of the evil minded old time whites, who believed that our dark skin color makes us not equal to human, the black race has been always looked down and always sent to the back seat when it comes to Financial Systems, Healthcare, Education, Housing, Criminal Justice, and many more that I can not list here.

Time has come when everything that has a beginning must have an end and that goes for the black race too. Their meaningless sufferings must come to an end.  Respecting black life is not going to hurt the world but is  going to help change the world to be a better place where every human being is accepted as created equal by the same creator.

Our future generations should not come and grow up in a world where they are treated as work donkeys and organized slavery where one gets paid peanuts as a cover up to make it look as if they are working and getting paid. It is even worse than work donkeys because the donkey owner feeds it  enough food so that it has the needed strength to carry the heavy loads.

The year 2020 is the year when as (my late father used to say) “everything that can be shaken will be shaken, and nothing is fixed for ever” and that includes every government that treats other human beings as if they have no rights to live in this world.

King David said in one of his Psalms (Psalm 24:1) New American Standard Bible: The earth is the LORD’S, and all it contains, The world, and those who dwell in it.

This Bible verse settles everything and it proves that we are all equal- red, yellow black and white.

If the world is going to have peace, then it will start with everyone changing their thinking towards black people. We are God’s children no more no less. We should be allowed to enter any door and pursue any avenue that our lives leads us to,,, so song as we are not hurting anyone or harming anything. We desire living a good life as well, cause we are human beings too, and life is too short.

This mentality that a black person is always associated with crime has to end. No one cares that  we have doctors among us, lawyers, high class professionals, men and women of God, whose desire is to make the world a better place and  help the needy wherever they reside and at any cost without expecting anything back.

We do a lot a lot of good in this world and have done a lot of it, from time immemorial, but it goes unnoticed most of the time, all because we have this beautiful skin color that is interpreted by many as criminal color.

Everyone should always remember this truth, we did not choose our color and we will never apologize for it because, the one who gave us this color does not ever make mistakes, he knew well that the skin color he gave us was His best choice for us, and when he was done making us, he looked at us and said ‘It was good’- so who are you to correct his creation? Just ask yourself that question and the answer will be this… you are no one but just another one of his creation. Another human being living in this piece of real estate, otherwise called earth, which is owned by God himself, and not by any man.

Truth always hurts, but black lives matter.




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