Senior Health Tech Tips to Help You Embrace Your Golden Years

Author: Andrea Needham

Americans are constantly overwhelmed with messages about our golden years that fill us with fear, dread, and sadness. While seniors in other parts of the world approach old age with interest and enthusiasm, the majority of Americans feel their later years will be filled with daytime TV and meals on wheels. Technology has enhanced every part of our lives, but we often overlook how beneficial it can be as we advance in years. From telemedicine to apps, there are many ways technology can help keep us healthy, happy, and active way into our 80s.


Our senior years are full of all the things we could never find enough time to fully enjoy while we were tending to life’s many responsibilities. Ebook readers, for example, are fun little pieces of technology that keep seniors who love to read enjoying their books long after their eyesight stops cooperating. Ordering books is simple — especially with gift cards — but the best perk of all may be how large the print can be expanded if needed.

One vital aspect of that is socializing. Social media websites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just as fun for the over-50 crowd. They help keep our minds strong and active as well as help us stay socially dynamic.


An important part of taking care of ourselves in later years is keeping up with changes in our healthcare plans. The internet makes it easier than ever before for seniors to keep track of everything related to their personal healthcare. The benefits of Medicare Advantage plans are great for those of us who need extra care, including dental, hearing, and vision coverage. And once we get the Annual Notice of Change and Evidence of Coverage, we can search out all the information needed to keep getting the benefits we need.

Sometimes it isn’t feasible to get to the doctor you need at the time you need to. That’s where telemedicine steps in to make everything a little easier. Seniors are able to see the healthcare specialist they need without the need to travel, so apps such as Doctor on Demand, Lemonaid Health, Amwell, and Plushcare, provide licensed healthcare professionals to address the need of patients wherever they may be.

Apps for Healthcare

Health tracker apps, including apps like the LadyBoss Pocket Personal Trailer, are also great for senior life, allowing you to access meal plans and workout routines. Schedule your exercise days and monitor water and calorie intake easily. There are many types of these apps with different features to pick and choose from to make senior life easier. The AARP app is a great catch-all app that every senior should have. You can find AARP related discounts, deals, offers, senior-specific news, information, and events.

With so many fun and functional apps for seniors around, you’ll need to keep up with the times using a smartphone of your choice. Many seniors find Apple products to be right up their alley. The Apple iPhone 11 Pro is fully capable of running all of these dynamic new apps. Seniors enjoy the large display and brilliant video capabilities most of all, but the extra-strong glass front is a favorite functional feature. Android users are just as fortunate with the Samsung Galaxy S10. It has an easy access fingerprint security feature that requires no buttons to push or complex patterns to draw. It even learns to anticipate your daily routines and helps you remember to take meds and keep up with appointments.

We have worked hard to get to this place in life, and we have many fruits of our labor to enjoy. We may as well use all the world of technology has to offer us to enjoy it that much more.

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