Simple Advice for Seniors Concerned About Internet Safety

Simple Advice for Seniors Concerned About Internet Safety Staying safe on the internet can seem like a daunting proposition, especially for older adults. News about hackers, viruses, and scammers can make you feel like surfing is better left to others, but there are easy ways to enjoy the internet without falling victim to trouble.

How To Help Seniors During The COVID-19 Pandemic

How to help seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic..    An elderly lady at her window The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world as we know it. There is almost no person whose life is not affected by the appearance of the new virus, no matter what they think of it. We only had several

Making the Right Housing Choice for Your Senior Loved One

Where will your loved one live during the golden years? The housing options available to seniors are more plentiful today than many years ago, so the decision can be overwhelming. It is important to contemplate the options early, as proper planning is vital to ensure health and happiness. Here are a few tips from

How Older Adults Can Overcome Loneliness

Author: Lindsay Denton Unfortunately, loneliness has proven to be a worrisome trend worldwide, affecting all individuals, regardless of their gender, education, income, or age, wreaking havoc on their physical, mental, and cognitive health. Still, some studies show that the elderly population can be particularly vulnerable to frequent feelings of loneliness and social isolation. But

Senior Health Tech Tips

Senior Health Tech Tips to Help You Embrace Your Golden Years Author: Andrea Needham Americans are constantly overwhelmed with messages about our golden years that fill us with fear, dread, and sadness. While seniors in other parts of the world approach old age with interest and enthusiasm, the majority of Americans feel their later


Jamhuri Healthcare Services: COVID-19 impact Author: Esther Jacobs. IMPACTS OF COVID-19 ON HEALTH AND WELLBEING Financial Impacts of Covid-19 Coronavirus is massively affecting the US Economy, regardless of whether it isn’t felt at this point on everybody’s household financial budget and plans. Sporting events and religious gatherings are cancelled. Travel between the US and

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