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    "Home Care|Pikesville,MD|Owings Mills,MD| Randallstown,MD|Baltimore,MD"   Jamhuri Healthcare services provides in home care services to seniors throughout the state of Maryland. Our main purpose is to provide Individuals living at home another alternative, because more than half of all non-drivers 65 and older stay at home in

Retirement FAQs: Resources for Making the Transition to a Retirement Community

Retirement: Moving to a retirement home or community offers many benefits. You won't have to deal with the tedium of maintaining a property, which will free up your energy to enjoy your golden years. Plus, a retirement community offers a built-in social network, providing valuable companionship and stimulation. That said, making this life change can

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Senior-Friendly Guide To Downsizing

Senior-Friendly Guide To Downsizing: As you grow older and your kids move out, you might find yourself stuck with more space in your home than you could possibly use. Rooms that no one uses are a pain to clean, and the upkeep of a large house is not cheap, either! You might, therefore, be tempted

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Help and home care options!

Help and home care options! One situation that often arises is a healthy senior who lives fairly independently who nevertheless feels that they need some help. This can range from organization or home maintenance to ordinary household chores, like cleaning or laundry, that the client wants to take a rest from after a lifetime

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Home Care is your best

home care is your best option because; It is the most cost-effective health care delivery offered as there are no room and board costs compared to nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and other institutional care settings. It promotes healing, as studies have shown that patients recover faster in the comfort of their home. It offers

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